New Beginnings

A previously dark and gloomy interior has undergone a remarkable transformation to now present as a warm and welcoming home for a busy family returning to Sydney after many years living in London. With a considered approach to furniture selection and placement, colours and materiality, the compact terrace now space feels spacious, elegant and and harmonious.

Paddington_0003_71 PADDINGTON ST16674.jpg
Paddington_0005_71 PADDINGTON ST16635 1.jpg
71 PADDINGTON ST16630_Levelled.jpg
Paddington_0007_71 PADDINGTON ST16620_Levelled.jpg
Paddington_0004_71 PADDINGTON ST16668 1.jpg
Paddington_0002_71 PADDINGTON ST16746.jpg
Paddington_0000_paddington st_G9A9372 1.jpg
Paddington_0002_71 PADDINGTON ST16742 1.jpg
Paddington_0001_71 PADDINGTON ST16764.jpg
Paddington_0001_71 PADDINGTON ST16754 1.jpg
Paddington_0000_71 PADDINGTON ST16775.jpg

We were thrilled to be featured in the September 2019 issue of InsideOut

Photography by Prue Ruscoe

Stylist Alicia Sciberras