Bondi Terrace


Anticipation and strong emotions abound as one flows through the unique and highly personalised spaces.  A tired house marked by traditional thinking was challenged! A tremendous transformation was then inspired creating a now vibrant and uplifting home.  The elements worked in perfect harmony to achieve the almost impossible: energy with femininity, softness with impact.  

We were thrilled to be a finalist for the Dulux Colour Awards 2017

Photography by Francoise Baudet

Stylist Alicia Sciberras


Tamarama Beach Pad


In a secluded nook of Tamarama Beach, the client was looking to transform her neglected apartment into a refreshed tropical haven where friends, family and pets could come together in an inspiring setting.  


THE Concept Board

Bondi 02 cpd.jpg
Double Bay Residence Presentation Package Feb 2017 1.jpg

Concept Boards are an essential tool that allow a designer to communicate their thoughts and visions through imagery.  Their purpose is to evoke emotion and response from the client which then informs design decisions.