I aspire to bring my clients’ visions alive, by curating and building on their inherent style to create inspiring and visually uplifting interiors.  My passion and commitment for the design community ensures I am abreast of the freshest ideas.  This knowledge, together with my extensive and varied travel experiences delivers outcomes that delight.  Nothing brings me more joy than when a client is awakened to the design world and the possibilities within. 

I am certain that my success is owed to my ability to really understand people and how they aspire to live.  I believe that design solutions must be functional and enduring, as well as beautiful. 

An ordinary space becomes extraordinary when drama and contrast collide. 

Photography by Paul Dupuy




With two young children, the reality is that there is a lot of time spent at or near my beautiful home.  I take inspiration from my surroundings, through nature, objects, the design community and family and friends.